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Jose Navarette - Field Superintendent


Phone: 385-226-1248


Address: 775 N 400 E, Lehi Utah 84043

Renu Pool Plastering Info

Appreciate you reaching out to me!  Renu Pool Plastering is a company with one mission...You!  Renu Pool Plastering is an interior finish and pool/spa remodel company that can either finish your pool or completely refresh an existing pool/spa.  We have multiple tiers of products for you to choose from, from the latest and greatest in pool technology to something that may need a little more budget conscious, we can cover all of your bases.  We're licensed and bonded to work on any size residential or commercial project.  Feel free to reach out to me, or use any of the links below to talk to one of our amazing team members!

RPP Final Logo.jpg

Sales & Scheduling: Brent Jeffs

Crew & Construction: Jose Navarette

Accounting: Lindsay Montague

Social Media & Marketing: Matt Pinnell

Client Liaison: Heather Christensen

Controller: Holly Neitzel

Operations: Chris Seeger

Owners: Jake Merrill & Renn Lamm

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