Why Infinity Pools?


This is a question that we love, what sets us apart from every other pool builder in town? At Infinity Pools we have built our business through word of mouth and referrals from our previous clients. We believe that there is no better form of marketing than the word of mouth of a good friend or neighbor. We stand behind our work and offer warranties to our clients to prove that. We also are concerned about the little things when it comes to the finished product of your pool. Every pool is designed specifically for the space that it is meant to be in, this means everything; from the steps and benches in your pool, to the finish materials (tile, plaster, coping, etc.), to the actual hydraulics of your swimming pool. We want to provide our clients with the best possible product for longevity, ease of maintenance and overall aesthetic. Lastly, our team is awesome. One of the biggest flaws in the construction industry is a lack of communication. We pride ourselves on always communicating with our clients, if we say we're going to show up, we will show up. If something comes up or there is a bad weather day? We'll give you a call or a text with an update and let you know the schedule moving forward. Give us a call and let us show you how we provide a superior product!



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What is the standard size for a swimming pool?


There is no standard size for a swimming pool. Being a custom gunite pool builder we can build anything to fit into the space of your backyard.


How long does it take to build a swimming pool?


Construction timelines can vary depending on the complexity of the project.  It is our commitment to complete projects in a timely manner. 


What kind of utilities do you need to have to the equipment location for a swimming pool?


Typically, we will need water, power and gas to the equipment location. These loads vary based upon the size of the pool or spa, feel free to call us or use the website if you have questions on a specific job if you plan for a pool down the road.



What is the cost of a 20 x 40 swimming pool?


The cost of a 20 x 40 is a question that we are asked frequently and is hard to answer. Each project is estimated to the site conditions and tailored to the needs of the client, if you would like to get an estimate for your project please inquire to one of our talented design and estimation professionals.

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What size of equipment room do you need to house the pool equipment?


For a standard pool with no water features or added pumps we recommend having at least an 8' x 8' room to house the pool equipment in. If you plan on additional pumps and equipment for water features or extra bodies of water this will need to be addressed to size the room appropriately to allow for clearances and house the equipment.


What kind of equipment do you recommend?


We recommend using Pentair/Jandy Equipment, but also use other leading brands. We believe that they are always trying to innovate the space of pool automation and their customization is unmatched in the industry.


What kind of sanitation system do you recommend?


Many clients ask us if we recommend using a salt sanitation system for the pool, as it has been so popular in the past for the soft feel of the water. We actually recommend against using a salt cell sanitation system because of the corrosive nature of salt. We have found that it prematurely ages equipment and leaves harmful white stains on any hardscape due to splash out. We recommend to our clients the IPS Vidapure, it is an automated chemical management system that essentially works as an IV doser for your pool. The water will have the same nice feel as the salt cell system but without the corrosive nature of your pool equipment and hardscape.

What does the construction process look like for a swimming pool?


The standard construction process for any gunite swimming pool is as follows. We will reach an agreement and issue an invoice for deposit. This allows us to get started on plans, engineering and permitting. Once this is all approved we will have a site meeting with our clients to layout the pool and approve the layout. Then, the fun part starts; we start digging. The excavation process usually takes 1-3 days depending on the size of the pool or spa. Once this has been completed, we will run the plumbing to the equipment location and tie the rebar. Next step is shotcrete. This is when your pool really starts to take shape. The shotcrete is a dry mix concrete that is sprayed, stacked and formed to create the shell of your pool. Once this is completed, you have the rough infrastructure to start on masonry. The shell itself has a curing time of 2-3 weeks dependent on temperature. If you don't see us in those couple weeks, don't be alarmed. The masonry entails any of the tile, autocover track, coping, raised walls, etc. that were specified in our agreement. Once this has been completed, we will set the equipment in your equipment space (room or outdoors) and you're almost ready for the final step; interior finish. The pool gets prepared for the interior finish and the crew shows up to shoot the finish that you have selected (we recommend the PebbleSheen, see below for more on that). This process takes between 1-2 days depending on the finish you have chosen. Upon the finishing crews exit, they will drop a hose in the pool to start filling, don't dive in just yet! We then balance the chemicals and the finish needs a few days to cure underwater. Once this time has passed, you're ready to get to swimming! 

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How deep does a pool need to be for a diving board?


There are different types of diving boards for different diving envelopes (I know, what's a diving envelope?). A diving envelope is a standard set out by the ISPSC (International Swimming Pool and Spa Code) that outlines the distances needed between your depth transitions based upon the type of diving board you have selected. Now, that we've geeked out on you a little bit, we recommend at least 8' 6" of water depth to keep your divers safe and swimming all summer long.

What type of pool finish do you recommend?


This is our favorite question, we are the licensed PebbleTec applicator for the Northwest. We recommend the PebbleSheen pool finish for a few reasons. One, PebbleSheen makes your pool always look clean. It's an exposed aggregate finish that seems to do a great job hiding blemishes and other small items that seem to make their way to the bottom of the pool because of the micro pebbles in the finish. Two, PebbleSheen is the longest lasting pool finish on the market. Studies have proved this finish to be nearly bulletproof, lasting 30-40 years and it also has a 5 year warranty through the manufacturer, PebbleTec. To put this into perspective, the standard white marcite pool plaster lasts anywhere between 7-12 years dependent on how well you take care of your pool. This standard finish will have to be stripped off and replastered when it's reached the end of its lifespan. This can cost anywhere between 8k-20k depending on the size of your pool. Yes, PebbleSheen is a little more expensive but the return on your investment for the lifespan and the overall aesthetic is so worth it in our book. Lastly, PebbleSheen looks awesome. You can check out some of the pictures in our gallery to look for yourself or visit their website to check it out

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