If you’re considering putting an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard you’re surely going to want to do your research on the different options. There are three main options when installing a swimming pool; vinyl, fiberglass and gunite. Different considerations include, the cost of installation, maintenance and longevity.

So, what is the best of these three options? Each has its’ own benefits but we are going to focus on the advantages of choosing gunite.

No Two Pools The Same

If design and putting something custom with lots of options and features in your backyard is what you desire, you’re going to want to go with gunite. You can make this the most visually appealing piece of your landscape depending on the budget you have. You can add, a waterfall, raised wet wall on the back side, rock slides and many other options just based upon the custom design aspect. You are going to be able to make this project your own, no one will have the exact some pool as you.

Gunite pools are also known as concrete pools. This comes with several advantages such as: more aesthetically pleasing, customized finishes and tile and you’re at the limit of your imagination as to what you want the pool to look like.

3 Reasons Why Gunite is Best


A typical gunite pool with basic plaster finishes will last you anywhere from 10-30 years. A pebble finish is offered that has been proved to last over 40 years without any cracking or need for replacement. The gunite pools longevity is created by the way that it is built. The structure of the pool is framed with steel the same way a large concrete sky scraper would be constructed. Once the mix dries it creates a durable and solid structure.

Your average vinyl pool liner will last anywhere between 6-12 years and will need to be replaced for anywhere between 4k-10k. Many vinyl pool companies will offer a warranty of 20-30 years but you will find that in the fine print that doesn’t cover tearing near the seams where most vinyl liner tears happen.

Fiberglass will last anywhere between 10-15 years before you start to see cracking which sometimes is nearly impossible to repair. As the weather changes water, can get in between the shell of a fiberglass pool and the ground because there is nothing in between the two. This is what causes the cracks.

Custom Designs:

Your pool is a direct reflection on you, it should be whatever you want and however you want it. A gunite pool is fully tailored to what you want. If you want a water feature off the backside with a special type of stacked rock, you have on your house; it can be done with a gunite pool design. If you want a large play shelf with an umbrella sleeve for your kids all you have to do is tell the designer and adjustments will be made accordingly.

There are endless options to what you can do with your gunite pool. Does this mean it costs more? Yes, it does, but the great thing is that you will feel the satisfaction of having your dream swimming pool and with no regrets of what could have been five years later.

Money Well Spent:

It is true that a gunite pool is going to be more expensive than your other options. But it is going to look the best, and it is going to be everything you’ve ever wanted and more. So as appealing as it might be to try and save some money by going with a fiberglass or vinyl pool; a gunite pool is going to give you the most satisfaction. You’re going to have a pool in your backyard that YOU designed and when someone says, “I love what you did with the scuppers coming out of the raised wall in the back!”. You’ll have the satisfaction of saying, “Thank you, it was my idea!”.

And in the long run, you’re going to have fewer repairs in a gunite pool if you do it the right way the first time. By choosing a gunite pool you will get what you pay for.

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